Everyone involved in helping others experience intimate worship with God is a worship leader. Whether you lead prayers, sing songs, run lyrics, play an instrument, or mix audio (these are just a few examples), YOU are a WORSHIP LEADER! As worship leaders, our primary purpose is to point people toward Jesus and build up disciples following His example. Being a worship leader is not defined as standing on a stage at a church singing the lead part of every song.

Being a worship leader means leading even when you don’t feel like it.

It means rolling with the flow, even when the flow is going the opposite direction of what you planned.

It means convincing volunteers to give up their opportunity to sleep in on Sunday and come play guitar, sing, or run camera instead.

It means preparing everyone on your team to be a worship leader too, not just yourself.

It means meeting everyone where they’re at, even the ones who don’t come to church.

It means praying over every weekend, that someone would meet Jesus for the first time.

It means late-night worship sessions with anyone who loves Jesus.

It means leading worship, not songs.

It means you’re making a difference and Jesus sees it. And that’s enough to keep going.