Enter In – Psalm 100

Video project for Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Finally together again.

After a year of businesses being closed, hospitals being full, and the world going through so much, we were finally able to gather for Lent and Easter again in 2021. However, we also were aware that many people would still be online because the COVID-19 Pandemic was not yet over. We created this video to use in our Palm Sunday services, both in-person and online, to give people a chance to reflect and prepare for Easter.


Cinematography, audio mixing & mastering, lighting for video, video editing, color grading & correction.


– Recording audio during the video shoot.

– Coordinate and communicate with camera crew and musicians. 

– Operating a handheld camera during the video shoot.

– Mixing & mastering the music into something that flows nicely and builds throughout.

– Editing camera shots together from multiple takes.

– Overseeing camera crew to ensure all cameras had consistent and useable footage.


How to use color to change the tone of a piece. The differences of mixing a musical piece that is primarily vocal-led, without a full band.

Let’s work together!