Glory – Let There Be Peace

Video project for Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

How do we make this special?

2020 was a year with a lot of firsts. One of the big firsts for Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne was having Christmas Eve services only online. Shifting our service flow to be more engaging for everyone at home, we struggled to figure out how to make the story of Jesus’ birth come alive in living rooms around the world. We came up with the idea of starting the service in a barn with the song Glory, Let There Be Peace.  


Cinematography, audio mixing & mastering, set design, lighting for video, video editing.


– Recording audio during separate shoot.

– Operating a handheld camera during the video shoot.

– Mixing & mastering all audio sources to create a powerful musical piece.

– Editing camera shots together from multiple takes.

– Organizing the time, place, and crew for the shoot.

– Overseeing camera crew to ensure all cameras had consistent and useable footage.



How to align footage from multiple cameras and takes. How to cast a vision and take it from idea to reality. 

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