Easter 2021 Special

Video project for Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

How can we make an impact?

Coming out of a year of sickness, struggles, and separation, the 2021 Easter Celebration at Emmanuel Community Church was the largest in-person service held at Emmanuel since March of 2020. As our worship, tech. and creative teams came together to plan this service, we had to consider everyone that would be attending these services, both on-campus in Fort Wayne and online around the world. With a majority of our congregation still online, we wanted to ensure we did everything we could to include them and make an impact. Our music team put together this arrangement of songs, which we recorded at Broadway Community Church in Fort Wayne.

Later in 2021, our denomination hosted its national conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the worship arts and production teams from Emmanuel lead. We used this piece as an opener, which set a powerful tone for the week and empowered church leaders to unite through worship.


Cinematography, audio mixing & mastering, lighting for video.


– Capturing audio during the video shoot.

– Operating a handheld camera during the shoot.

– Mixing & mastering all audio sources to create a powerful musical piece.



How to effectively capture audio offsite, how to utilize multiple audio takes in post-production to fix mic bleed or instrumental issues.

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